Uplighting - Large Venue

Uplighting package consisting of 30 LED PAR cans including setup of the lighting but excluding delivery.

R 4250,00

Break the solid white draping or light pillars / key areas using our bright LED par cans which can be set to any colour to match the theme of your wedding or event or just to create an ambience that cannot be achieved with the house lighting alone. The entire room can be washed or we can light specific areas to enhance the décor. This package is suitable for a large venue of approximately 400-500m2. 

Our uplighting packages are vital to ensure that a dull venue is transformed into something beautiful and memorable.

This package consists of:

30 x LED PAR cans

Setup at your venue

This package excludes delivery, which can be calculated here. If you do not see your area, send us a quote request with your address included.

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