Lighting : Hire - Lighting Stand - Single

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Hire - Lighting Stand - Single

Hire - Lighting Stand - Single

R 80,00

A high quality, standard lighting stand with a magnesium joint and a single leg reinforcement ensuring stability and safety with a 1000mm lighting beam allowing to mount up to 4 lighting outlets.

weight – 6,60kg

material – steel & magnesium

base spread diameter – 1200mm

height - 1500mm - 3150mm

pipe diameter – 28mm

load capacity – 30kg

About Us

We pride ourselves in the supplying of quality lighting and sound for hire in Gauteng from our office in Johannesburg. Our lighting and sound packages are suitable for weddings, corporate functions and parties.

Legal notice

By accepting our terms of usage i.e. that should the equipment that you have hired be lost or damaged in any way you will be liable for the repair or replacement of the equipment.


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